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We are your affordable source for personal and bulk sales of white and black truffle aroma, also commonly known as truffle essence or truffle flavor. We’re based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, where we hand make all our products with care. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the quality and freshness of the truffle oil you’ll be able to make with our product.

New All Natural Formula!

We’ve had many requests for a natural truffle flavor, and it’s finally here! Enjoy the same quality product with no synthetic or artificial ingredients. Available in numerous sizes for both personal and commercial kitchens.

Why Truffle Aroma?

The use of truffle aroma is exploding in commercial kitchens and for the home chef alike, and is a perfect ingredient for you to impress your guests or enhance your kitchen’s menu. Fresh truffles are very rare and extremely expensive, often selling for over $1,000 per ounce! That’s the reason why truffle essence was invented: to give chefs a substitute that would match the same scrumptious taste but at a fraction of the cost.