How to Make Truffle Oil Instructions


At we recommend a ratio of 0.2%.  So, to make 1 liter of truffle oil, that means 2 milliliters of truffle essence and 998 milliliters of oil of your choice.

    1. Using the pipette provided with your order measure 2ml truffle essence and put it in the oil. Shake or stir very well.
      1. At this point do not do anything. Let the newly made truffle oil sit for 24 hours.  The truffle essence needs time to distribute itself among the oil evenly.  If you try tasting or smelling it right when you make it, it will taste and smell too strong.  As it sits it will “relax”.
        1. That’s it!  As long as the truffle oil is stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight, and most importantly, with the cap/lid kept on tight, it will last a very long time.


            Truffle oil was never meant to be sipped directly from the bottle or eaten from a spoon for tasting.  The way to test your newly made product would be to drizzle a small amount on some food and taste it that way.  For example, drizzle a little on some scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or in some soup. This is a much more real life way to test your truffle oil.  


            0.2% is only a recommended ratio.  The beauty of our product is that you control the end result.  Every one of our customers seem to mix at different ratios.  It is all a personal preference thing.  Some people prefer their truffle oil to be a little stronger and some prefer it to be slightly weaker.  There is not one “right” way to do it.  There is only how you like or how you think your customers will like it. 


            The type of oil you use is completely your personal preference.  Our experience has been that lightly flavored olive oils work best.  Some olive oils can have a bitter taste to them.  Strong flavored oils will compete too much with the truffle flavor. There are many types of oil out there to use. Olive oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, etc…

            TIPS & TRICKS

            • More concentrated truffle oils can be made. For example, you can make a double strength truffle oil of .4%.  Or even more.  This is handy when you need to add truffle oil to another product but you want to cut back on the amount of oil you are using.  Making it double strength allows you to put half as much truffle oil in the end product you are making.  For instance, if you want to make truffle hummus but do not want it to come out too oily, this is a good time to use a double strength truffle oil. 
            • At the grocery store 500ml bottles of olive oil can be bought. Using the pipette just drop in 1ml of truffle essence. This way is convenient for testing because the bottle cap can be put back on for ease of mixing (shaking) and easy storage.