About Truffle Aroma

Since the 1990’s, restaurants and home chefs alike have been using truffle aroma in their recipes to impart the flavor of one of the most sought after foods in the world…

Truffles, in their natural state, are a fungus with an incredibly unmatched savory taste. Due to their rarity in nature, fresh truffles are extremely expensive. Most varieties fetch over $1,000 per ounce! In order to meet this demand, truffle essence was invented to give chefs a substitute that would match the taste at an affordable cost.

Truffle aroma, also known as truffle essence or truffle flavor, contains the same aromatic molecules found in fresh white or black truffles that gives off their pungent smell. With just a few drops fused into grapeseed or olive oils, the smell of truffles cannot be missed. As we all know, the flavor of foods has as much to do with smell as anything!

Truffle essence is used in thousands of restaurants and kitchens across the world. Think about the last time that you had a dish with truffles in it. Was it fresh or truffle oil? Chances are it was truffle aroma, unless the dish was very expensive.

That’s why we created our products: to spread the truffle essence word, and the delicious flavor…at a fraction of the cost!

Making your own truffle oil and other products should be — and thanks to our products — can be simple and affordable. Impress you next guests or customers and buy truffle oil ingredients today! We’re sure you will be back for another taste.


Our Story

Truffle oil flavor was originally invented in the late 1980’s. At Truffle Aroma, we are led by our founder and culinary innovator, Brian Lieske, who spent over two years testing, sampling, and modifying both our white and black truffle aroma products. Once we first launched, our formula was improved upon and released again – our black was done three times, our white twice.

Every batch that we create is independently GC-MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) tested by a lab in Baltimore, Maryland for purity and to ensure consistency from batch to batch. Our product is used by large truffle oil manufacturers that produce thousands of gallons of truffle oil a year, all the way down to the personal chefs within their home kitchen recipes.


Truffle Essence FAQs

Black – The Winter Black Truffle is highly sought after for its earthy, subtle aroma, and has a taste that can be described as mixture of “chocolate and earth.”

White – The flavor is sweet with hints of garlic, along with a musky fragrance. White truffles are particularly pungent. A fresh, white truffle has a compelling aroma that makes you want to breathe it in deeply, somewhere between a chamois leather and the rind of a ripe brie, but with the delicacy of a spring flower. The flavors give a nod to the mushroom but with umami-ness – earthy and nuttiness.

Simply mix 2ml of the truffle essence of your choice with 1 liter of olive oil. Mix together well by stirring or shaking. Let the mixture sit overnight. Your product is now ready to use! Make sure to keep it sealed tightly and in a cool place.

The possibilities are endless! Just to give you a few ideas: truffle oils, truffle butter, truffle salt, truffle popcorn, truffle sauces of all types (cream, tomato, broth, and butter based), truffle honey, on and on. Check out our Recipes and Resources page for more.

Our shipping is FREE within the United States.

We also ship internationally and charge a flat rate of $10 USD to our global friends.

Good question! We can supply Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), a certificate of analysis, spec sheet, food grade certification, quantitative ingredients declaration, and a letter of continuing guarantee. If there are any other documents that are needed, we can have them prepared. We can also provide a U.S. certificate to support our all natural claim for our natural formula products.

The shelf life of our products really depends on how you store them. When you place an order, it will be shipped to you in a glass container. Make sure to keep it in the glass or your own glass container since that is the best ways of storing it. The aroma will dissipate through something like very thin plastic. Also, keep it in the refrigerator if you can. It lasts longer in cool places. If you keep it cool and sealed up tight, it will last for over a year. Once mixed with oil to make truffle oil for example, the more you open the bottle the faster the aroma will fade. The flavor will stay, but the aroma will weaken.