Black Truffle Oil vs White Truffle Oil

The Difference Between Black and White Truffle Oil

While there are quite literally thousands of recipes designed to nail that perfect truffle presence in your dish, the biggest question here is; what exactly is the difference between black truffle oil and white truffle oil? Which Truffle flavor compliments what dishes?  Which can be used for hot dishes and which should be used for cooler dishes? 

What are Truffles?

Truffles are a type of “flower” like growth found on rare Mushrooms, in certain areas of the world. While they are so easily addicting, they are not so easily found. In fact, Truffles are often located at the base of forest growing trees, growing up to six feet under ground.

Both Black and White Truffles, are obtained by “hunting” by way of trained animals, who have the natural ability to smell the aroma of the Truffle itself. 

Before you start gathering the troops and your shovels, don’t go recruiting the neighbors dogs quite yet; Truffle essence can provide you with the luxury of the Truffle treasure without the crew of hunting dogs (even occasionally pigs) to track this delicacy down and for a fraction of the cost. 

Black Truffles

Black Truffles, more technically known as Tuber Melanosporum , Périgord Truffle or French Black Truffles, is a species of truffle, truly native to Southern Europe. In its original handpicked state, the Black truffle is one of the most expensive edible Mushrooms in the world, due to both its rarity and difficult obtainability. 

Black Truffle Oil and its Uses:
The aroma found in Black Truffles are best released when heated or cooked. Therefore, they are often suggested to be paired with red meat, (think, that Filet with truffle butter) poultry, creamy sauces and other dishes on the richer side of life. 

The flavor and aroma of Black Truffles are more potent and earth driven, than the more subtle flavor of White Truffles. When used in the rich and flavorful dishes listed above, Black Truffle oil can be the secret ingredient that leaves everyone pining for seconds.

White Truffles

The White Truffle or “Trifola D’Alba Madonna” (“Truffle of the White Mother” in Italian) is found mainly in northern Italy and is most famously found in the countryside of Alba. While packed with a more delicate flavor than Black Truffles, White Truffles are not to be underestimated, nor under appreciated. 

They hold a particular rarity due to fact that they only grow in the cooler months of Fall and Winter, making them the most rare truffle of all, ringing in at its finest (and priciest) moment; just under $14,500 per kg.

White Truffle Oil and its Uses:
White Truffle Aroma, being the lighter and more subtle side of the truffle world, still packs an incredible variety of complex flavors. Garlic, earth, robustly pungent, uniquely funky and subtly sweet, are just a few ways to describe this intensely addicting aroma oil.

Because of it’s subtle flavor White Truffles themselves are usually served shaved over fresh greens, beef carpaccio, over warmed baked brie or crispy cut French Fries to add the essence over a variety of fare. Truffle Aroma Oil is just as effective in creating this subtle blend of flavors by drizzling it over your favorite dishes. 

Which One Do You Pick?

Everyone’s taste buds and recipes are vastly different, which makes the uses of Truffle Oil all the more unique.

Black Truffle: robust, nutty, rich and aromatic flavors

White Truffle: subtly sweet profile and complex mushroom and garlic undertones

The good news is you don't have to pick! Truffle Aroma, also known as truffle essence or truffle flavor is an ingredient used to make truffle oil and other truffle flavored products. You can shop our Truffle Essence products to make your own Truffle Oils. Truffle Essence is an ingredient substitute for truffles that match the taste of truffles at an affordable cost.

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