How To Make Your Own Truffle Soy Sauce Recipe

Next hot truffle product?

Truffle soy sauce is the next hot truffle product!  There are not many people making it right now but soy sauce alone is the most widely used condiment in the world.  Truffle soy sauce is bound to popular since other condiments like truffle hot sauce have taken off.  Making your own truffle soy sauce is easy and makes it easy to add your own truffle flavoring to it.

White or black truffle?

Not sure which one to make, white truffle soy sauce or black truffle soy sauce?  The answer is either one!  Both of our truffle flavors will go well with soy sauce.  The white truffle essence will be more garlicy and pungent.  The black truffle essence will be earthy with hints of cocoa.  

Truffle Soy Sauce Recipe


*1ml is a great starting point.  Every person prefers their truffle flavor at different strengths.  Feel free to experiment with different concentration ratios until you get to the perfect flavor strength for YOU.

Directions  –  Drop in the truffle essence blend with the pipette that is provided with your order. Simply mix, thoroughly shake, and let sit overnight to allow the flavor to develop in the soy sauce. Feel free to shake a few times to make sure distribution is thorough. You are now ready to use your homemade truffle soy sauce.

Note* -  At very first the truffle aroma and flavor will be very intense in the soy sauce.  Our best advice is to do nothing with it once you first blend it together.  Let it sit for 24 hours minimum. Then, when you are ready to sample it, try it like you would any other soy sauce.  Not by drinking it straight out of the bottle but by dipping some vegetables in it or drizzling a little on rice.   

Have fun with it!  If you have any questions along the way feel free to reach out to us by clicking on this contact page link. 



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