Truffle Mayonnaise Recipe

A couple of things to note first: Truffle mayonnaise is made with mayo (obviously) and either fresh or canned/dried truffles. Canned or dried truffles will work for the look that it gives but they do not add truffle flavor to the mayo because they are dried.  Once truffles are dried their sulfur compounds have evaporated.  No sulfur equals no aroma/flavor.

Fresh truffles will add more flavor but the flavor will slowly dissipate over time as the sulfur compounds that give truffles their characteristic flavor and aroma break down. By adding in a very small amount of our truffle essence this problem is solved.  This truffle mayonnaise recipe will be on par or better than any professionally made product out there.

With this recipe, either black or white truffle mayonnaise can be made even though we use black as the example. It can also be infused into other products, as described below. 

To make black truffle Mayonnaise, all you need are three things: mayo, truffle essence and truffles. It’s as simple as that! 

Black Truffle Mayonnaise Recipe


With a micro plane or similar small grater, grate the black truffle into the mayo and stir well until all of the truffle is evenly distributed through the mayonnaise.  Add in the .5ml black truffle essence with the help of the measured dropper provided with your purchase.  Stir well until evenly combined.  For best results let truffle flavors infuse into the mayo overnight.  For storage: place you new truffle mayonnaise in a container, tightly sealed, and place in the refrigerator until ready to use.

How to Use Black Truffle Mayonnaise

So now that you have your homemade truffle mayo, what should you make!? The options are endless.  Here are a few ideas on how to use your new mayo in your kitchen:

  • Sandwiches – roast beef and black truffles are a classic combo
  • Vinaigrettes – add a small amount to a homemade vinaigrette to help keep it emulsified and add truffle flavor
  • On grilled cheese sandwiches – butter makes a grilled cheese get brown and crispy but mayo works better
  • gourmet versions of salad dressings such as ranch, caesar or green goddess
  • Put it on your hamburger
  • Deviled eggs
  • Potato salad binder

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