What Makes the Best Truffle Oil

Anyone can buy just any old truffle oil off the store shelf or from online.  But before you buy, here’s what to look for, to know you are getting the best truffle oil.

  1. It’s all natural.  No synthetic ingredients.
  2. It is priced the best.
  3. It is flexible and you control it. What does that mean?  Keep reading and find out.

It’s All Natural

Everyone wants to put healthy, “good for you” foods into their body.  Truffle oils have gotten a bad wrap in the past for containing synthetic (un-natural) flavorings as one of the ingredients.  It is true.  These old school flavorings are synthetic, petroleum based products.  This is why some cheaply made truffle oils have a gassy aroma.  Well, we have solved this problem.  Our black and white truffle essences are ALL NATURAL.  Not derived from petroleum products our truffle essences are made from natural plant or animal sources.

The Best Price

Why pay $24 for an 8 ounce bottle of truffle oil when you can buy  enough Truffle Essence to make 64 ounces for the same price.  You do not need to make all 64 ounces at one time either.  Make as little as you want and store the leftover Truffle Essence for use at a later time.


Have you ever bought a bottle of truffle oil and not been happy with how strong or how weak the aroma and flavor was of that brand?  I have.  Granted, I have sampled more truffle oils than the average person.  One thing I do know though is that people like control.  With our black and white truffle essence product, you the customer, make your own truffle oil.  Yes.  You heard it right.  You supply any nice, high grade olive oil or any type of oil you would like to use.  With the graduated pipette that is supplied with your order you mix your own truffle oil.  Don’t be intimidated.  It is extremely easy to do.  Just measure out the essence.  Drop it in the oil with the pipette.  Shake well and you are ready to go.  Anyone can do it.  This gives you the flexibility to add as much of as little truffle flavoring to your oil as you would like.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our recipes and resources pages for great hints and ideas of what to make.  Shop our online store to check out all the available sizes of black and white truffle essence for purchase.

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